Extra Credit: 3 PAX rucked a 4 miler QIC: Red Ryder, Link, Cable Guy, Golden Pinky, Newton GLOOM FACTOR: Clear, 62ºF WARMARAMA 30 SSH 10 Willie Mays Hayes 10 arm circles forward (5 little, 5 big) 10 arm circles reverse (5 little, 5 big) 10 seal claps 10 overhead claps Toe Touches, center, L and R THE THANG After our warm-up each PAX was responsible for 10 minutes of our workout….here is how it all panned out… Newton: 20 Derkins IC 20 Bench Dips 1 min Wall sit 20 Incline Merkins 31 step ups Cable Guy: Forward lunge across court 15 squats Backward lunge across court Hold plank 10 count each PAX Link: 20 Freddie Mercury’s 20 LBCs 20 Flutter kicks Red Ryder: Bear crawl up the stairs stopping on each level: 1st: 10 Merkins 2nd: 10 Diamond Merkins 3rd: 10 Wide Merkins 4th: 10 Dips 5th: 10 Burpees Mosey to Track Ricky Bobby 2 laps Golden Pinky: Mosey to the soccer goal then all-out sprint to the other goal Bear crawl 8 count 8 crunchy frogs repeat until we got back to the other goal. COT/BOM Nice shared Q by all. Great to see Cable Guy back in the mix and join us for some EC rucking as well as we prep for Go Ruck in Sept. Newton had to bail early for work…but sounds like everyone finished strong w the Bear Crawl and Crunchy Frog-fest in the luxurious waterlogged field. Sweet. Announcements The NATX Murph will take place on Memorial Day (May 27) at 0430 @ the Robin’s Hood AO… in 10 days. We want to encourage all PAX to post even if you haven’t been prepping. We will be there to spot and assist for this worthwhile remembrance event.