Date: 12/04/19

QIC: Red Ryder

PAX: Globe Trotter, Nemo, Red Ryder, Elmer Fudd, Platinum Pinky, Newton, Golden Pinky

Gloom Factor: Clear, 45ºF


Ruck: Newton & Golden Pinky

Run Club: Red Ryder


Motivator x 5

10 x Imperial Walkers

10 x Bonnie Blairs IC

10 x Leg Swings IC

15 x Shoulder Taps IC

10 x Quad Stretch L&R

10 x Arm Stretch L&R

The Thang

Arm Pyramids

1-10 10-1 Bicep Curls using cinderblock coupons

With the arms burning, the PAX moseyed to the football field.

Red Ryder pulled out a new tool for field workouts…a light-up frisbee.

Golden Pinky stepped up after the challenge was thrown out there asking who could throw the frisbee the furthest down the field from the left end zone. The landing spot was our target for performing Lt. Dangers down the field. From there, PAX rotated throwing responsibility until traveling the length of the field. The return trip opened up the workout choice to the thrower. Exercises called:

  1. 5 burpees every yard line
  2. 5 merkins every yard line
  3. 5 burpees every yard line
  4. Lunges to complete the trip

Since we had the field and a frisbee, the workout closed with dividing the PAX into teams to have a quick ultimate frisbee game. We learned that college was a long time ago for most of us and we need more practice. Score was an embarrassing 0-0.


  • Recap of the leadership coffee yesterday morning.
  • Growth is the goal, so each PAX identified someone to headlock this month. Let’s get them out to a workout.
  • This time of year many are looking for a workout to start in January for their New Year’s Resolution. Comz will be important, so T-Claps to Elmer Fudd for stepping up this week to post on local Facebook pages. This along with head-locks will help our region grow.
  • It looks like DREDD will be in town December 18th at The Greyhound. Preparation starts now!


It’s the 4th quarter of this year’s football game. Where are you at with your goals for the year and how will you end strong? It’s good to keep personal, professional and F3 NATX goals in front of you and to make sure we are on the right track to attain them. Aye!