Extra Credit: The plan was a little Murph Challenge training, however Murph Challenge training did not occur in the gloom this AM. QIC: Golden Pinky PAX: Red Ryder GLOOM FACTOR: Full moon, chilly, 48ºF WARMARAMA 25 SSH IC 10 Merkins SC 10 Willie Mays Hayes IC 9 Merkins SC 10 LBAC IC 8 Merkins SC 10 RLBAC IC 7 Merkins SC 10 Hillbillies 6 Merkins SC 10 Cherry Pickers IC 5 Merkins SC 10 Imperial Walkers 4 Merkins SC 10-Count Leg Stretches 6 Merkins SC The THANG Fellowship Lap around entire MoH parking lot. Bear Crawl Paula Abduls: BC forward 2 spaces, 1 Merkins, CB back 1 space, 1 Merkin until PAX got to the other side. Lunge Walk Paula Abduls: LW forward 2 spaces, 1 Squat, WL back 1 space, 1 Squat until PAX got to the other side. Fellowship Lap #2. YHC then flipped everything around… Crawl Bear Paula Abduls: CB back 2 spaces, 1 Merkin, BC forward 1 space, 1 Merkin until PAX got to the other side. Walk Lunge Paula Abduls: WL back 2 space, 1 Squat, LW forward 1 space, 1 Squat until PAX got to the other side. One more Fellowship Lap. MARY 20 Flutter Kicks IC 20 LBCs IC 20 Freddie Mercury’s IC COT/BOM Our Paula Abduls today reminded me about the journey I have been on working to plant the shovel flag in North Austin, TX and expand our incredible group. There are so many instances where our group has taken two steps forward: FNGs, 2nd F’s, GoRuck/Murph training, etc. There are other times, however, where it feels like the group takes one step back–usually in the form of PAX numbers dipping at a workout. Yet, even in those instances, I am encouraged by the PAX that show up and, together, we continue to push this group forward. I’m so thrilled Red Ryder made it out for his 3rd workout already and I always enjoy getting to know my F3 brothers a little better as we suffer during the beatdown. So, let’s continue to push each other to take 2 steps forward and don’t let those 1 step back moments get you down, as you have a group of brothers here for you and ready to help you take your next 2 steps forward! Announcements
  • NATX shirts are on sale now until March 27 (9 days left)! Get yours at F3.mudgear.com.
  • Coming soon… April Headlocks Bring Friendly New Guys
  • F3 NATX March Madness is here–check out how F3 does March Madness!
  • The NATX Murph will take place on Memorial Day (May 27)… 70 days away!