Date: 11/27/19

QIC: Red Ryder

PAX: Chernobyl, Red Ryder, Elmer Fudd, Platinum Pinky, Cable Guy, Golden Pinky

Gloom Factor: Windy, 50ºF


Yoga:  PAX: Golden Pinky, Red Ryder  —Namaste—


1 Merkin SC


2 Merkins SC

10 Willie Mays Hayes

3 Merkins SC

30 Second Side Plank Right

4 Merkins SC

30 Second Side Plank Left

5 Merkins SC

30 Second Calf Stretch L&R

6 Merkins SC

30 Second Quad Stretch L&R

7 Merkins SC

Mosey to the parking lot

The Thang

7 Of Diamonds

Performed on a large diamond set up using cones in the parking lot.

Round 1:

7 x Burpees, mosey to other 3 corners.

Round 2:

14 x Flutter Kicks, mosey to other 3 corners

Round 3:

21 x Merkins, mosey to other 3 corners

Round 4:

28 x Squats, mosey to other 3 corners

Round 5:

21 x Smurf Jacks, mosey to other 3 corners

For time, we paused the workout to make sure we had enough time for the competition.

Round 6:

14 x Box Cutters, mosey to other 2 corners

Round 7:

7 x Burpees, mosey to other 2 corners

Mosey back to the light pole

Competition (Also Mary):

Baby Shark Ab Challenge!

Red Ryder pulled out the speaker to rock out to “Baby Shark”. The challenge is to complete the steps of the workout to the full extent. You must keep your legs and upper body raised. Touch the ground, you are out. Rest, you are out.

Workout steps, with the music:

Baby Shark: Raised legs, out and in

Mommy Shark: Alternating leg raises with hands to each side of the knee.

Daddy Shark: Raise both legs and touch your toes

Grandma Shark: Alternating knee toward head (similar to Freddie Mercury’s)

Grandpa Shark: Both legs (knees) to chest

Let’s go hunt: Flutter kicks

Run Away: Flip over for some mountain climbers

Song will be on repeat, rinse and repeat the exercises until one PAX is left.

Congratulations to Golden Pinky for winning this week’s turkey.

Big Congratulations to Chernobyl for winning the overall Turkey Championship! He will be warm this winter in his new F3 Sweatshirt…


  • The 3rd F Event, Operation Turkey, is today. The plan is to arrive at 12 pm and work as long as you want. If PAX cannot make that time, sign up for the time you are able and post on Slack for any others to join you.
  • F3 NATX got a F3 Nation T-Clap and is recognized on this week’s 43 Feet Podcast! The focus was on our 1 year CSAUP this past summer and the accomplishment of our humble region. Dredd will be in Austin in a few weeks, so we need to welcome him for a visit…details to be worked out and announced soon.


We are giving thanks for all of our blessings and keeping those in need in our minds and hearts. Have a great Thanksgiving!