::YHC knocks on wood:: It seems like this eternal winter might finally be behind us and warmer weather is around the corner! With the arrival of spring, YHC is excited about better opportunities to recruit FNGs and expand the NATX PAX. YHC took the opportunity today to help the PAX get back to basics, learn the importance of HTC, and get some Q practice in. That’s right… today there would not be a Q at The Big House, because we would all be the Q today at TBH! QIC: No Q PAX: Photo Op, Newton, Platinum Pinky, Golden Pinky GLOOM FACTOR: Light Breeze, 64ºF Warmarama (Q – Golden Pinky) 25 SSH IC 10 Body Weight Squats SC 10 Merkins SC 10 WMH IC 10 Cherry Pickers IC 10 Slow Merkins IC 10 LBAC IC 10 RLBAC IC 10 Merkins IC The THANG (Q – Newton) Newton pulled out the bricks and proceeded to smoke the PAX: 50 Shoulder Presses 50 Arm Curls 50 Squats 50 Side Lateral Raises 25 Arm Curls (Q – Platinum Pinky) Platinum Pinky led the PAX in a lap around Heartbreak Hill to aid in upper body recovery. (Q – Photo Op) Photo Op led the PAX over to a set of large stone stairs. Side Alligator Walk up the large stone stairs, hit the top step, Side Alligator Walk down the large stone stairs. 20 Derkins SC MARY (Q – Platinum Pinky) 59 Flutter Kicks SC 25 Crunchy Frogs IC (Q – Golden Pinky) 10 American Hammers IC (x6) 30 Mountain Climbers IC 20 Mountain Climbers IC 10 Mountain Climbers IC COT/BOM Towards the end of Freed to Lead, there is a section about The Third 500, where OBT joins the Harvard Crew program and his coach explains the only way to survive the 2,000 meter race: divide the race into quarters – four 500-meter legs. In the First 500, the crew would be sprinting off the line, full of adrenaline, and this leg would fly by. In the Second 500, the crew would be finding their swing, settle into race cadence, and coming together for the journey ahead. In the Fourth and final 500, the crew would go “balls to the wall” to the finish line, pulling with anything and everything they had left. However, the coach explained that it was the Third 500 meter leg where the race would be won or lost. At this point in the race, the start would be a distant memory and the finish too distant to even contemplate. If they could hold it together – as individuals and as a crew – in the Third 500, that would be the difference. Life is incredibly similar to this 2,000 meter race. In the First 500 (Birth to 20), you are sprinting off the line, full of adrenaline and the race is very new to you. In the Second 500 (College to 40), you have begun to settle into a career, a family, and finding your rhythm. In the Fourth and final 500 (60 to 80 and beyond), the finish is in sight and you are giving it anything and everything you’ve got left. However, the Third 500 (40 to 60) – the time of the stereotypical midlife crisis – is the time where most men get lost in the fog of the race. The start line is a distant memory and the finish is not yet in sight. F3 has proven to be useful way to help men hold it together – as individuals and as a PAX. So, whether you are in the First, Second, Third, or Fourth leg of your race, my hope is that F3 has helped you hold on to the vision for your life and helped push you towards the prize of finishing this race we are all in. T-claps to Platinum Pinky for crushing the Third Leg of this race and moving on to the Fourth Leg. I am confident you will be crushing the Fourth Leg with the same determination and dedication that helped you crush the Third Leg! Announcements
  • NATX logo almost finalized! Provide your final input on the F3 Gear channel on the NATX Slack workspace.
    • Next steps: F3 Nation approves our logo, we choose shirt type(s), and then we order shirts!
  • NATX Murph training officially kicks off this Monday, March 11 at Mettle of Honor. The NATX Murph will take place on Memorial Day (May 27)… 80 days away!