Date: 03/18/2020
IRL PAX: Golden Pinky, DIY
Virtual PAX: Newton, Shin Guard, Chernobyl, Red Ryder, Impact, Spike
Gloom Factor: Slightly Breezy 70°F
Number of inappropriate jokes by DIY regarding his weinke: 4

Motivators X 5
Hanging Leg Stretch 10C
Deep/Slow Squats SC X 10
Motivators X 5

The Thang
Each exercise was paired with a cardio move. The exercise was performed continuously for a minute and then the cardio move was performed immediately afterwards. DIY and Golden Pinky performed the cardio move for a given distance. Each PAX continued the cardio move until DIY finished the distance and called halt.
Exercise -> Cardio Move + distance (modification for virtuals)
Merkins -> Sprint 100 yards (High Knees)
Jumping Squats -> Sprint yards (High Knees)
High Plank -> Bear Crawl 50 yards
Seal Claps -> Boo Boo Bear Crawl 50 yards
The Corpse @ 1 min + stretches
Flutters -> The Bernie (Butt Kicks/Heels to heaven) 100 yards
Overhead Claps -> The Bernie (Butt Kicks/Heels to heaven) 100 yards
WW1 -> Sprint (High Knees) 100 yards
The Corpse @ 1 min
LBC -> Sprint (High Knees) 100 yards
Burpees -> Spring (High Knees) 100 yards

Dolly IC X 10
Flutters IC X 15
Outlaws (make giant O’s with legs together; legs don’t touch the ground until all rounds are finished)
  • 10 SC to the left
  • 10 SC to the right
  • 10 SC to the left
  • 10 SC to the right

It would be a mistake to go through this time in our life and not take the chance to grow closer to our wives and children and to our Father. Trials present an opportunity to grow our faith. All things work to the glory of God, not us.

  • We are 100% virtual for the foreseeable future. This test run proved we can do it virtually and still stay connected.
  • All meetings will be virtual. We will have a virtual coffetaria, what-what, lead-right, q-source etc.
  • Keep your eyes open and hearts ready for those in the community that need help.