Date: 03/16/2020
QIC: The DIY Phantom
PAX: Golden Pinky, Platinum Pinky, Mr Texas, Little Texas, IMDBU, Newton, Piranha
Gloom Factor: Muggy, 61°F

  • Motivators X 5
  • Merkins X 20 SC
  • WMH X 4 @ 10 count
  • Tappy Taps X 10 IC
  • Hanging Leg Stretch, RoL, LoR @ 10 count
  • Arm Stretches 4 @ 10 count
  • Motivators X 5
The Thang
Three rounds of Usain Bolts up and down the Spiral Stairs. While one PAX went up the stairs, he gave an exercise to the rest and announced if it was OYO, IC, SC and the next PAX inline lead the exercise.
  1. Up and down both sides
  2. Bear crawl up, run down one side
  3. Run up, bear crawl down one side
Mosey to Amphitheater. Started with a beautifully done corpse pose because DIY was jealous he didn’t get to do one.PAX split into 2 groups. First group held a pose while the second group performed an exercise X 10 then switched. This continued until each PAX completed 10 reps,
  1. Group A – Jumping Squats; Group B – Peoples Chair
  2. Group A – WW1s; Group B – High Plank
Speedy mosey back to the parking lot.
DIY’s favorite – On their 6, each PAX called out the letters for the F3 name and each PAX used their legs to spell it.

During times like these, it’s not uncommon to have some amount of fear and/or anxiety. However, it’s a missed opportunity to not use this to draw closer to our Father. Phil 4:6-7 Think about Paul’s predicament when he said these words. Think about all of the things he had gone through and yet this was his advice.

  • Next week, all work outs will be virtual. You may decide to post at the AO and do the workout yourself – completely understandable. However, we are setting the expectations that the Q’s for each workout will be posting the BB a head of time to allow each HIM to perform the WO themselves.
  • The above also includes any 2nd F or 3rd F activities (what-what, q source, lead-right, etc). Look to each respective channel for more direction,
  • If any PAX is low on supplies and can’t find a place to resupply, reach out and we will provide. Also, if any PAX hears of any family or neighbors struggling in this area as well while our community continues to panic buy, let us know and we will band together.
  • Mr Texas has volunteered to show all of us how to turn a garden hose into a bidet. It is still unclear how the HOA will respond to all of us doing pantless monkey humpers in his front yard, but we’ll burn that bridge when get to it.