QIC(s) / PAX: Newton, Golden Pinky, Red Ryder, Photo Op

GLOOM FACTOR: Dark, Wet, 70ºF

WARMARAMA (Q – Newton) 39 SSH IC 15 Imperial Troopers IC 10 Willie Mays Hayes IC 12 LBAC IC 12 RLBAC IC 10 Air Squats SC Motivators 5-1

The THANG YHC broke the remainder of the workout into four even 7-minute portions and gave each PAX a portion to do with it whatever they saw fit… YHC went first to give the PAX enough time to plan out their mini-Q.

Mini-Q #1: Golden Pinky YHC led the PAX to Platinum Pinky’s Power Park. There are 4 stations at PPPP and the PAX rotated through each station: – Bench 1: 30 Dips – Bench 2: 20 Step-Ups – Bench 3: 20 Derkins – Bench 4: Hold BTTW

After PPPP, there was just enough time to mosey to the basketball courts and Lt. Danger from one baseline to the other baseline and back to the original baseline.

Mini-Q #2: Red Ryder Red Ryder led the PAX up to the track and to one end of the straightaway. – Sprint to the other end of the straightaway – Perform 10 Burpees – Bernie Sanders back to the starting point – 1 final lap around the track

Mini Q #3: Photo Op Photo Op had the PAX mosey to the top of the stairs. The PAX then proceeded to perform a Derkin on each step of the stairs all the way down to the bottom.

Going back up the stairs, the PAX would run up to each flat portion of the stairs and perform: – 1st Flat = 10 LBCs – 2nd Flat = 10 Flutter Kicks – 3rd Flat = 10 Jump Squats – 4th Flat = 10 Merkins – 5th Flat = 10 WWIIs

Mini-Q #4: Newton Newton led the PAX back down to the parking lot. – 30 SSH IC – 7 SLOW Diamond Merkins IC

MARY No time for Mary today (but YHC and P.O. may or may not have run a couple hill sprints after Newton and Red Ryder pulled away) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

COT/BOM Newton closed the workout with a prayer thanking God for the day and the opportunity to workout together and


  • Every month is the official FNG month for F3, but April is going to be a huge EH/FNG month for F3 NATX. YHC will provide the details soon, but the working title of our recruiting push will be… “April Headlocks Bring Friendly New Guys”
  • NATX logo is finalized and shirt types have been chosen! Our pre-order page is being created and should be up within the next 24-48 hours.
    • Once the page is launched, there will be a 2-week window for pre-orders, so get your orders in early and often! Shirts will be shipped 10 days after the pre-order window closes.
  • WikiLeaks is the Austin, TX Chapter President for the National Marine Corps Business Network and is looking for any Marines the PAX might know to get connected into the network.
  • The NATX Murph will take place on Memorial Day (May 27)… 75 days away!