Date: 03/07/2020

QIC: Chernobyl

PAX: Golden Pinky, Platinum Pinky, IMDBU

Gloom Factor: 45°F and calm


  • Motivators (From 7)
  • Soap Droppers (10 SC)
  • Plank Jacks (10 IC)
  • Mountain Climbers (10 IC)
  • High Knees (15 IC)
  • Chinnocks (10 IC) (Forward and Reverse)
  • Merkins (10 SC)
  • Lap

The Thang #1

Pax moseyed to parking lot by the workout Station for an exercise known as B.O.M.B.S.  Bombs are similar to the DORA but a little more painful.  While a 1 PAX was doing the exercise the other PAX ran a lap and when complete with the lap the PAX picked up where the exercise PAX left off and kept the exercises going.  This kept repeating until both groups were done with all of the exercises and the amount per exercise.

B: Burpees (25)

O: Overhead Claps (75)

M: Merkins (125)

B : Big boy situps were replaced with WW1’s (175)

S:  Squats (performed Jump Squats) (225)

The Thang #2

The PAX moseyed over to the turf field and the back part by Misery Mountain.  Keeping with the theme they all got on them stomachs 10 yards from Misery Mountain and army crawled to the bottom of the mountain.  Then they ran up Misery Mountain where they all performed 5 Plank Jacks IC.   All PAX moseyed back down the mountain to complete another round.


PAX chose their favorite exercise and we did 2 rounds for each PAX.  10 count for each

  • Platinum Pinky:  Crunchy Frog (10 IC)
  • Golden Pinky:  Dancing Penguin (10 IC)
  • IMDBU:  Hip Dips (10 IC)
  • Chernobyl:  WW1’s (10 sc)
  • Platinum Pinky:  LBC’s (10 IC)
  • Golden Pinky:  Plank to Elbow Plank  (10 IC)
  • IMDBU:  Reverse Sit Ups (have to come up with a better name next time) (10 IC)
  • Chernobyl: Freddie Mercury (1o IC)


  • Soon will be a 2nd F Shovel Flag making event.  Stay tuned for more details
  • March 14 3rd F event with Habitat For humanity has been cancelled but we will be looking for more opportunities for 3rd F events
  • Looking at March 17 St Paddy’s Day HH; more details to come.


Great job by all that braved the Saturday Fart Sack and made it out for our earlier Saturday workout.  The word that I have been using this year is Consistency.  It fits with the DRP challenge and I challenge all PAX to do your best to be consistent.  This is an amazing group that I am blessed to be a part of and I have learned that the more you put into the group the more you get out of it.  We can take the qualities we learned from this group of guys and use it in our community, our family, and in our work life.

We ask the Lord to protect us and watch over us as we go out into the weekend.  Keep us safe in Jesus name we pray. Amen! AYE!