Date: 11/15/19

QIC: Cable Guy

PAX: Cable Guy, Photo Op, Newton, Red Ryder, Platinum Pinky, Mr. Texas, Elmer Fud

Gloom Factor: Dark, clear, and cold. 33ºF

EC: NATX Ruck Club members (Newton, Red Ryder) took to the hills of Travisso this cold morning.

After his EC Ruck Red Ryder had to skate for work.



Motivator (5-4-3-2-1)

10 Willie Mays Hays IC

10 Windmill IC

10 Imperial Walkers IC

10 Arm Circles IC

10 Reverse Arm Circles IC

10 Seal Claps IC

10 Count Runners Stance


The Thang (The Dirty Dozen)

YHC led the PAX through a Men’s Health inspired, F3 modified, workout routine called The Dirty Dozen.

The following 12 exercises were done with no breaks between each (other than YHC looking at the list on his phone):


12 Merkins IC

12 Plank Jacks IC

12 Speed Skaters IC

12 Burpees OYO

12 Lunges IC

12 Werkins SC

12 Crunchy Frogs IC

12 Monkey Humpers IC

12 Smurf Jacks IC

12 WWII’s SC

12 Diamond Merkins SC

After the 12 exercises were completed the PAX took a lap around the island in the parking lot. Once back to the start point, a short break to catch our breath and we’d repeat the routine. YHC made it almost through the second round before having to leave to get south for a meeting, but the rest of the PAX would push onward completing a total of 4 rounds.



Mr. Texas led the remaining PAX in what I am sure was a beatdown for Mary.


  • GREAT job to the PAX in already hitting that MOQ for our NATX gear! If you have yet to order any or want to order more you have until the EOD 11/25 to put in those orders.
  • Go sign up for the GORUCK Tough here in Austin in January of 2021! NATX members already make up 10% of the max occupancy!
  • Red Ryder and Nemo will be continuing to lead the PAX through a month of competition at The GreyHound for the month of November where PAX members have the opportunity to earn “Turkey’s” each post with the member accumulating the most “Turkey’s” at months end being awarded an official F3 Sweatshirt!


Great work this morning from those who were able to climb out of the fart sack and out into the cold! Warmer mornings appear to be headed our way so looking forward to getting the PAX numbers back up.