Date: 02/12/20
PAX: Spike
Gloom Factor: Quiet, Still, 46°F
Special Q: After dark special

  • Our Warmarama was our entire work day
The Thang
The PAX each grabbed a newly created, custom DIY special 80 pound coupon (80 lb bag of cement, 1 lb of duct tape, one 7mil construction bag) and did a decent mosey to the base of the spiral.
Starting there, the PAX did 20 flutter kicks, ran the coupon up the stairs, performed 20 dips at the bench, ran the coupons back down the other side, did another 20 flutters, back up for 20 more dips and continued until the PAX completed 200 flutter kicks and 200 dips.
  • 20 crunchy frogs (Spike)
  • 20 lbc’s (DIY)
  • 20 freddie mercuries (Spike)
  • 50 flutter kicks (DIY)

This was an after dark special since our normal WO was canceled due to dangerous conditions on the field. YHC, DIY, was prepared to face the gloom solo with a coupon but was spared when Spike pulled up. Many times in our lives we feel that we may have to face difficult things by ourselves, but building relationships with men sticky enough that the sifter cannot shake out will grant you a brother that will show up for you at night so that you aren’t alone.

DRP Tracker
All Pax – 250 Flutter Kicks, 200 Dips