Date: 03/06/2020
PAX: Spike, GoldenPinky, PlatinumPinky, MrTexas, RedRyder, Animal, ShinGuard, Avalance, IMDBU, Newton, Slides
Gloom Factor: Delicious 51°F, Windy

  • Motivators X 5
  • Jumping Squats X 25
  • Merkins X 10
  • Tappy Taps X 10
  • Hanging Leg Stretch, RoL, LoR @ 10 count
  • WW1 X 25
  • Motivators X 5
The Thang
PAX broke into three groups and rotated twice around the three stations.Stations:
  1. Each PAX in group ran cement bags down parking lot section and back then all PAX in group did fireman carry of cement bag down the same section
  2. Each PAX did jumping squats, merkins, flutter kicks all X 5 in constant rotation
  3. Each PAX did cinder block swings and overhead press X 10 in constant rotation.
Once PAX at Station #1 finished, the group rotated.Mosey to playround area where the PAX paired up. One person did dips while their partner did jump squats. Once they both hit 10, they switched. This continued until each partner performed 50 of each.
Mary – Choose your own adventure X 10
IMDBU – Superman Seal Claps IC
Mr Texas – Hello Dolly IC
Spike – WW1 SC
Newton – LBC IC
Avalanche – Merkins SC
ShinGuard – SpiderMan IC
Red Ryder – Dying Cockroack IC
Platinum Pinky – Flutter Kicks IC
Animal – American Hammers IC
Golden Pinky – Crunchy Frogs IC
DIY – Jumping Squats SC
Slides – Merkins X 40 SC

We circled around Spike and prayed over the launch of the new sub region.

  • The What-What starts Monday 3/9 at the normal Starbucks at Lakeline and Crystal Falls from 8-9pm
  • Saturday’s have a new schedule. 6am-6:45am at Robin’s Hood. We are moving it back an hour and shortening to only 45 minutes to stay in line with the other workouts. The hope is the new schedule makes it easier for guys to show and still get back home to do father and husband duties.
  • Avery Ranch subregion is launching April 1st.
  • For those of us who know how to read, Call Sign Chaos is a good book

DRP Tracker – March Edition
  • Jumping squats X 85
  • WW1 X 35