Date: 12/7/19

QIC: Gemini

PAX: Golden Pinky, Platinum Pinky, Red Ryder

Gloom Factor: Clear, cool, 45ºF


1 PAX did a couple pull-ups.


  • SSH 30 ea
  • Motivators 5-4-3-2-1
  • Arm circles 1 minute in each direction
  • Hill Billies 30 ea
  • Arm strech across chest and behind back 10 secs each position & arm
  • Hamstring strech feet together, left over right, right over left, 10 secs each position
  • Fellowship lap

The Thang – 30 is the theme

Jacob’s Ladder
Run to the top of the hill, 10 burpees, run down(repeat 2 more times).
Mosey to the hill on the opposite side of the field.

Run to top of hill, 30 Mercans, run down. Run to top of hill, 30 SSH, run down. Run to top of the hill, 30 squats, run down. Mosey back to first hill.

Top of the hill, 30 Lindsey Vonns, run down. Top of the hill, 30 spidermans(15 ea leg), run down. Top of the hill, 30 Imperial Walkers, run down.

Circle up on the field.
30 Mountain climbers
30 Shoulder taps while in a high plank
30 Squat jacks
30 Second squat hold

Suicides 3 sets:
Run to midfield, run back. Run to end line run back (10 secs…more or less :grin:).
Repeat 1 more time.
Bernie Sanders to midfield, run back, Bernie Sanders to end line, run back.

Human wheel barrows: PAXs team up, one pax holds teamate’s legs while teammate hand-walks. Each pax hand-walked length of soccer field.


30 WWIs
30 American Hammers
30 second backward bicycles
30 second forward bicycles
30 second traditional plank
30 second side plank(each side)

PAX choose their own Mary
Red Ryder-Dieing cockroach (15 IC)
Golden Pinky-Dancing penguin (15 IC)
Platinum Pinky-Flutter kick (15 IC)


  • New Year’s Ruck starting to take shape, Cable Guy will be sending out a poll for best dates in January.
  • Founder of F3, Dredd (David Redding), tentatively planning to visit F3 NATX for the first time ever on December 18 – clear calendars now in order to give him a warm F3 NATX welcome!