Extra Credit: Full Murph – 1 vest was in play QIC: Newton PAX: Golden Pinky, Newton GLOOM FACTOR: Misty Rain, 56ºF WARMARAMA Imp. ST x 20 IC Windmill x20 IC Bean Picker x 15 IC Arm Circles Forward 10 IC Arm Circles Reverse 10 IC Willy Mays Hayes 10 IC Hill Sprint and back The THANG (3 times) 20 Merkins (60) 30 Shoulder Press w Brick (90) 40 LBC (120) 50 Brick Curls (150) 60 Squats w Brick (180) Lap around the lot MARY adjourn to the Coffeeteria (Red Horn) COT/BOM The Mary was cut short since we burned up all our time doing squats. It was a glorious smoke-fest after the big murph practice. Turned out to be a fine morning for F3. More of a mist than a rain. Golden Pinky brought his A game with vest and we knocked out another murph with time to spare. Keep the EH’s going and we look forward to our next post on Monday. SYITG fellas. Announcements The NATX Murph will take place on Memorial Day (May 27)… 16 days away!