QIC: Newton GLOOM FACTOR: Overcast, 75ºF WARMARAMA Friendship Lap 20 Imperial Storm Troopers 20 Windmills 10 arm circles forward 10 arm circles reverse 10 Willy Mays Hayes Hill Climb big lap and back to lot THE THANG (3X) 20 Merkins 30 Shoulder Press w Brick 40 LBC 50 Brick Curls 60 Squats w Bricks Lap around the Lot MARY: 20 WW2 10 Obliques (each side) 20 Side Plank x2 20 Merkins COT/BOM: A quiet, solo adventure. There was outreach (EH) to Cecil who was working out at the fitness court. (Flyer was delivered…so hoping he will join us in the future). Looking forward to Monday’s festival of fun. Great way to remember our fallen heroes. SYITG. Announcements The Murph will start at 0700 sharp on Monday at Robin Bledsoe Park. This will be our Main Event for Monday—there will not be a workout at #mettleofhonor. Everyone is welcome to participate and vests are optional! Cable Guy has graciously ordered some special NATX Murph koozies to commemorate this amazing event! I hear there will also be some hot coffee and cold beverages after the event for a special F3 Memorial Day Coffeeteria