Date: 3/21/20

QIC: Golden Pinky

PAX: Avalanche, Cable Guy, Chernobyl, Elmer Fudd, IMDBU, Newton, Platinum Pinky, Red Ryder, Shin Guard, Spike

Gloom Factor: A very chilly 45ºF, with afternoon showers

For our third workout under quarantine, YHC made it really simple for the PAX. The challenge for today: go outside and get some miles. Ruck, run, hike, bike, walk the dog… it doesn’t matter, just do something!

10 other PAX accepted the challenge and here’s what the 11 of us did today:

The Thang(s)

  • IMDBU ran for 2 miles
  • Platinum Pinky rucked for 3 miles and then did another 2 mile ruck with his M
  • Red Ryder ran for 5 miles and went on a hike with his 2.0s
  • Newton rucked for 5 miles and performed a Murph (w/ weight vest)
  • Shin Guard and Avalanche rucked for 12 miles
  • Elmer Fudd worked out with his M
  • Spike rucked for 3 miles with his M and 2.0s
  • YHC performed a Murph (no weight vest) and rucked for 3 miles with M and 2.1
  • Cable Guy performed a Murph (w/ weight vest)
  • Chernobyl performed a Murph (w/ weight vest)


Nothing but pride and respect for the PAX that decided to accept the challenge today. At a time when it’s scary just to step foot outside, the PAX today chose to do the harder thing, go outside and put in work. And hey, who knew it would take a quarantine for us to break double digits at Robin’s Hood?? Nice work today, men!