A long time ago, in an AO far, far away…


Episode III


Pain! Golden Pinky crumbled under attacks by a ruthless Jester. There were no heroes on either side. Evil was everywhere.

In a stunning move, the normal bootcamp workout was replaced by an extended ruck that swept through the PAX in two waves.

As the first wave of PAX completed their EC ruck, two additional PAX were ready to jump into the mission to ruck some more and ultimately rescue Golden Pinky from the Jester’s crushing defeat….

Date: 1/18/20

QIC: Golden Pinky

PAX: IMDBU (FNG), Newton, Platinum Pinky, Red Ryder

Gloom Factor: Foggy, 63ºF

Backblast: 3 PAX EC rucked for 4 miles, 5 PAX ME rucked for 3 miles



One of the Jesters I struggle with is anger. Yesterday, my Jester got the best of me and I now have a broken (golden) pinky to serve as my painful reminder of what happens when I let my Jester get the best of me. We talked about the Jester a while back in Q Source and how you never truly get rid of the Jester. Sometimes the Jester waits patiently for a momentary lapse of strength and control to strike and ruin your day.

Don’t let the Jester win! And, even if/when your Jester gets the best of you, don’t let it keep you down. You have a group of brothers in F3 that are here to pick you up when you’re down. I was certainly down yesterday, but I appreciate the brothers that we out there today, who had my back and showed me understanding when I really needed it.