2 PAX took part in an EC Ruck at 0430 before the Main Event. It was a brisk 23ºF at the start of the workout and dark as we started the warmarama. After a late night waiting up for my 2.1 to get home from theater practice, it was especially tough to get up and come into the gloom. QIC: Photo Op PAX: Newton, Golden Pinky GLOOM FACTOR: Dark, 23ºF Warmarama 30 SSH IC 10 Imperial Walkers IC 10 LBAC IC 10 RLBAC IC 15 Hillbillies IC 10 Calf Stretches x3 10 Merkins The THANG Mosey to the track where we started with 25 Merkins and 2 sprints x 1/4 of the track. Next was 25 Burpees and 2 sprints x 1/4 of the track. Next was 25 Mountain Climbers (single count) and 2 sprints x 1/4 of the track. We then proceeded to test our endurance by duplicating the above on the track except for doubling the Merkins, Burpees, and Mountain Climbers but still had to run the track in between. MARY 20 American Hammers IC 20 WWIIs SC 10 LBCs IC 20 Flutter Kicks IC 10 LBCs IC 1 Minute Plank Hold COT/BOM
  • Preliminary NATX logo designs have been created! Provide your input on the F3 Gear channel on the NATX Slack workspace.
  • Spring is just around the corner and we need to anticipate/capitalize on the warmer weather to bring more FNGs into our fold.
  • NATX Murph training officially kicks off this Monday, March 11 at Mettle of Honor. The NATX Murph will take place on Memorial Day (May 27)… 82 days away!