Date: 1/8/20

QIC: Red Ryder

PAX: Mr Texas, Little Tex, Newton, Cable Guy, Golden Pinky, Elmer Fudd, Slides, Shin Guard, DIY, Red Ryder, Spike, Chernobyl

Gloom Factor: Full Moon, Mild Gloom-Partly Cloudy, 39ºF


Early EC: 2 PAX went for a run, 6 rucked

Late EC: Many PAX rucked


20 x Overhead Claps IC

20 x Air Squats IC

20 x Windmills IC

20 x Carolina Dry Docks IC

20 x Arm Circles IC

10 x Seal Claps IC

10 x Willie Mays Hayes IC

10 x Finkle Kicks L&R

The Thang

The PAX broke into 2 groups

Group 1:

20 Merkins

20 Diamond Merkins

20 SSH

20 Ranger Walk

20 LBC

20 Lunges

Group 2:

20 LBC

20 Wide Merkins

20 Lindsay Vonns

20 Bear Crawls

20 Merkins

20 Bonnie Blairs

Lap around the track

Switch Groups, Rinse & Repeat. Total was 4 rotations and 1 mile around the lap.

Note: Little Tex was a champ and always in the lead. YHC has never seen bear crawls that fast!


No time for Mary today.


  • Q-Source is tomorrow at 6am. The topic is Study, Q1.11.
  • 2nd F Happy Hour is Wednesday the 15th at 8pm. Mr. Texas will be getting in some EC and any PAX are welcome to join him.
  • The NATX New Years Ruck is January 25th.


We are in a new year and that is a time to set goals and reassess the previous year. YHC is working to set goals for 2020 and push every day to meet them throughout the year. Prayers for the present and future members of this group and our families.