Date: 1/6/20

QIC: Cable Guy (1 Year F3 Anniversary)

PAX: Chernobyl, Cable Guy, Golden Pinky, Lil’ Texas, Mr. Texas, Newton, Red Ryder, Platinum Pinky, Spike, Matador, Slides, Shin Guard (FNG)

Gloom Factor: A little chilly, 45ºF


  • 25 SSH IC
  • 10 Willie Mays Hayes IC
  • 10 Windmills IC
  • 10 LBAC IC
  • 10 RLBAC IC
  • 10 count runners pose
  • 10 count butterfly
  • 10 Seal Claps IC
  • 10 Overhead Claps IC

The Thang

To celebrate his 1 Year F3 Anniversary, YHC led the PAX on a tour of Mettle of Honor just as he did 12 months ago.

Starting at the middle island the PAX performed 10 burpees OYO, then it was off to the first stop:

  • The Amphitheater
    • Peoples Chair for a 5 count from each PAX
    • 20 dips on the steps
    • Peoples Chair for a 5 count from each PAX
    • 20 Step Ups on the stairs
      • Mosey back to the middle for 10 Burpees OYO
  • The Exercise Equipment
    • Utilizing the 3 pull-up bars the PAX performed 4 rounds of the following
    • 5 Pull-ups
    • Squats when not on the bars
      • Mosey back to the middle for 10 Burpees OYO
  • MoH Entrance
    • From the middle, All out sprint to the park entrance
    • 20 Merkins SC
    • Bernie Sanders back to the middle
      • 10 Burpees OYO
  • Memorial Stairs
    • Bear Crawl up the stairs and Brawl Crawl down the other side

Mosey back to the middle for Mary


YHC had the PAX circle up and call out/lead their own Mary exercise for the PAX to perform:

  • Lil’ Texas – 20 LBC’s SC
  • Golden Pinky – 10 Burpees OYO
  • Red Ryder – 10 Rosalita’s IC
  • Platinum Pinky – 10 American Hammer’s IC
  • Chernobyl – 10 WWI’s SC
  • Newton – 10 Freddy Mercury’s IC
  • Matador – 10 Burpees OYO
  • Slides – 10 Lindsey Vonn’s IC
  • Mr. Texas – 30 second Low Plank Hold
  • Shin Guard – 10 Burpees OYO
  • Spike – 30 second Low Plank Hold
  • Cable Guy – 20 Merkins SC

AFTER announcements were made, Slides brought to the PAX attention that Matador had a birthday this past Saturday, so the PAX celebrated F3 style with 9 birthday merkins for him!



It is hard to believe that it has already been a full year since my very first post. This group has definitely been way more than I bargained for in the best possible way. I decided to finally post after several months of Golden Pinky’s relentless EH’ing and had absolutely no intention of posting more than once or twice and then finding some reason why I couldn’t keep up with it. One thing led to another and I have found myself surrounded by men that have impacted me in one way or another and couldn’t be happier I decided to finally shut GP up by posting. So here’s to many more anniversary Q’s and many more beat downs! AYE!!


F3 NATX EC Sandwich:

  •  Chernobyl performed pull-ups and merkins before the Main Event while Red Ryder went for a run
  • 7 PAX made their way over for pull-ups and merkins after the Main Event

DRP Challenge Tracker***

  • All PAX – 49 Merkins completed
  • All PAX – 70 Burpees performed
  • All PAX – 20 Pull-Ups performed
  • Spike – Successfully EH 1 FNG
  • Cable Guy – Q at 1 of 6 F3 Workouts

*** These counts DO NOT INCLUDE any exercises that were performed during EC!