EC: Newton and Golden Pinky put in a 4 mile ruck to start of the morning right. QIC: Newton GLOOM FACTOR: Humid and Overcast, 76ºF WARMARAMA Friendship Lap 20 Imperial Storm Troopers 10 Willy Mays Hayes 10 little baby arm circles forward 10 big arm circles forward 10 little baby arm circles reverse 10 big arm circles reverse 20 seal claps 25 overhead claps 20 Windmills THE THANG (3X) 20 Merkins (60) 30 Shoulder Press w Brick (90) 40 LBC (120) 50 Brick Curls (150) 60 Squats w Bricks (180) Lap around the Lot MARY: 20 WW2 10 Obliques (each side) 30 Side Plank x2 20 Merkins Bonus follow the leader Bricked Arm Activities for Link’s benefit COT/BOM: What a nice way to recover from an awesome Murph Monday. We loosened things up and worked on a little bit of everything. Great work men. We will continue to work on our speed so we can catch up to Golden Pinky who is consistently dusting us on our runs. (#batflipper) Announcements With the Murph 2019 under our belts we now set our sights on Go Ruck in September. We encourage anyone interested in joining us before most of our workouts for some Ruck action. Rucks are optional for those joining us on our jaunts. You can also just take any backpack and put some weight or bricks in it. Try it out…you might like it. Remember our 2nd F meetup is tomorrow (Thurs) evening @ the Red Horn Coffee House ( 13010 W Parmer Ln, #800, Cedar Park, TX 78613 ) @CableGuy has posted more info on the Slack channel so you can check that out. Stay tuned for more info on our Shovel Flag Building Party coming soon.