Date: 5/8/20

QIC: Golden Pinky

NATX PAX: Animal, DIY, Gemini, Mowgli, Newton, Platinum Pinky, Red Ryder, Shin Guard, Spike

Churham PAX: Chum, Marky Mark, Splashback, Zook

Gloom Factor: 74ºF in Austin, 41ºF in Chapel Hill

One of YHC’s F3 Churham brothers, Zook, reached out a couple of weeks ago to set up a back-to-back virtual convergence between our 2 regions. YHC was sold immediately and was given the honor of hosting Convergence Part I. After rallying the troops and finalizing logistics, PAX began dialing-in to the virtual gloom and this is what happened next:


  • 25 SSH IC
  • 10 WMH IC
  • 10 LBAC IC
  • 10 RLBAC IC
  • 10 Chinooks IC
  • 10 Reverse Chinooks IC
  • Motivator 8-1

The Thang

It’s May. Memorial Day is May 25. The Murph Challenge on Memorial Day. The PAX did (most of) the Murph Challenge today.

  • 15 Rounds
  • 5 Burpees / 10 Merkins / 15 Squats each round
  • Each PAX led at least one round
  • Break after Round 10 for some impromptu Mary
    • Dying Cockroach
    • Prom Night
    • Crunchy Frog
    • Dancing Chilcutt
    • Flutter Kicks


After the Murph, the PAX performed one final Motivator from 6-1.


  • T-Claps to Zook for setting this up and for everyone who participated in Convergence Part I. Tune in next week for Convergence Part II.
  • GrowRuck 20 is set for September 18-20, 2020 in San Antonio. Registration opens up June 15.
  • F3 Churham is raising money for kids in their area who need help getting food in the absence of school meals


2020. What a year. Even before Corona, this was going to be a very memorable year: quit drinking on January 1, broke my (Golden) pinky at the end of January, bought a new house in February, and my 2.2 arrives in August. Throw in a worldwide pandemic and quarantine, and 2020 officially becomes one of the craziest years ever for me–and probably for you.

The isolation that has come from quarantine has been a tough pill to swallow, but it has also provided YHC with an opportunity to slow down, appreciate the positives in my life, and figure out what is / what is going to be most important to me in my life after COVID. The 30 Days of Murph helped teach me a lot about being mentally tough and staying laser-focused on the goal at hand, all while giving me something to hope for in these seemingly hopeless times.

The convergence today also helped give me something to hope for and I truly cannot explain the excitement I had getting ready for the workout today–I had one of those patented sleepless F3 nights I haven’t had in a while in anticipation of what was to come. It was amazing seeing my old brothers in Chapel Hill today and introducing them to my new brothers in North Austin. YHC is looking forward to Convergence Part II next week and all the fun Zook has in store! AYE!