Extra Credit: 1 PAX for a 5 mile ruck.

QIC: Co-Qs Red Ryder, Link, and Newton

PAX: Link, Newton, Red Ryder

GLOOM FACTOR: Overcast, 75ºF

WARMARAMA 20 SSH IC 10 small arm circles, 10 big arm circles-repeat in reverse 5-1 motivators 15 bean pickers The THANG mosey to track 100 meter sprint 20 merkins 100 meter sprint back 20 jump squats 20 diamond merkins 15 Freddie Mercurys 15 LBCs 15 flutter kicks 15 WW2s 5-1 motivators mosey to basketball court Lt. Danger down court and back-avg mosey to benches 20 step-ups 20 dips 20 derkins 5-1 motivators

MARY 10 willie mays Hayes 10 count tricep stretches-4 positions 10 count calf stretches 10 count toe touches 10 count standing quad stretches 10 count standing butterfly stretch 20 LBCs 10 Knurkins COT/BOM Great showing today. Minileaks will be interested to know that the pride of peacocks nearby were cheering us on throughout the posting. We all were working on our peacock calls. The other PAX were missed. I think Link is prepped and ready for his VQ very soon now. Announcements The NATX Murph will take place on Memorial Day (May 27)… 25 days away!