Date: 1/15/20

QIC: Newton (1 year NATX Anniversary Q)

PAX: Elmer Fudd, Golden Pinky, Mr. Texas, Newton, Red Ryder, Shin Guard, Spike, DIY, Slides, Matador

Gloom Factor: Misty, 68ºF

10 men showed up in the misty gloom to get stronger….

5 PAX did the EC Ruck (2 mile) and arrived back at the AO just as the other 5 started the warm up right on time.

Each PAX chose their favorite warm-up exercise….then Newton piled on a few more.

Warmarama included…

  • 20 SSH IC
  • 10 WMH IC
  • 10 Arm Circles IC
  • Hanging Leg stretch (Front/RoL/LoR)
  • Motivators 7-1

The Thang

We circled up for 2 rounds of the following:

20 Merkins
20 LBCs
20 WW1
20 Squats

Slow mosey to pick up our Brick and Block Coupons

20 brick/Block curls
20 Block Shoulder Press
Took a lap around the lot
50 brick/Block curls
20 Block Shoulder Press
25 Block Curls
20 Irkins – Incline Merkins on Blocks
10 Decline Nerkins (Chuck Norris Merkins – feet on blocks)

Partnered Up and did the following (Lazy Dora)

Partner 1:  10 Merkins Partner 2: Plank (alternating until we reached 60)
Partner1: 20 LBC Partner 2: 6” Leg Hold  (until we reached 160)
Partner 1:  30 Squats Partner 2: Squat Hold (until we reached 260)

Slow Mosey back to Light Pole for some Mary

Circle Up for Leg Throws (2X around the horn)
20 Freddie Mercury
Superman x5
Side Plank 30 sec each side


  • 2nd F Happy Hour tonight at 8pm at Red Horn Coffee House & Brewing Co. – come join us for some fellowship time
  • 2020 New Year’s Ruck is on Saturday, January 25
  • QSource on Thurs @ 6am – We are looking at Q1:12 Meeting. Texas 2020 – there will be more details on Slack.  Block off these dates:  Sept. 18,19,20
  • The Daily Red Pill Challenge continues!


Great work men!   Strong showing this morning as we moved our bodies and coupons around in an effort to improve ourselves and get a little uncomfortable.  It’s exciting to see the growth of our NATX PAX over the past year. Keep EHing and giving it away so we can help more men in our community and change lives.  Thanks for all the support and encouragement you guys have given me and hope to return the favor as we look to the next 43 feet ahead of us and beyond.   Aye!

Let me know if there are any corrections needed to counts or exercises I might have missed.

DRP Challenge Tracker

  • All PAX – 100 Merkins completed
  • Shin Guard, Red Ryder, Newton, DIY, Golden Pinky – 2 Ruck miles completed