Date: 03/14/2020

QIC: Chernobyl

PAX: Golden Pinky, Platinum Pinky, Newton, Gemini

Gloom Factor: 68°F and humid


  • SSH (25 IC)
  • WMH (10 IC)
  • Tappy Taps (10 IC)
  • Little Baby Arm Cirlces (10 IC)
  • Merkins (10 IC)
  • Peck Stretch (10 IC)
  • Hesiman (15 IC)
  • Imperial Walkers (10 IC)
  • Lap

The Thang #1

Pax moseyed the workout Station for an AMRAP workout (As Many Rounds as Possible).  YHC wanted to focus on the Daily Red Pill exercises to help our PAX hit their goals for March and the quarter.   We divided the AMRAP into 2 timed rounds with the same exercises each round but a 3 minute break in between the rounds for recovery.    For extra motivation YHC brought a speaker and blared Rocky music to keep the PAX going.   First Round was 10 min AMRAP.  The second round was 8 minutes AMRAP.

5 Burpees

10 WW1’s

15 Jump Squats



The last couple of workouts had the PAX feeling soar so we decided to sub Ab axercises for the PAX favorite Stretches.  We went around 2 times and performed these streatches.

  • Soap Droppers
  • Arm Stretch
  • 1 leg Hamstring Stretch
  • Seated Twisted Stretch
  • Calf Stretch
  • Peck Stretch
  • Wide Leg Hamstring/Groin Stretch
  • 1 leg Chair pose Stretch


  • 2nd F Shovel Flag making event is set for Saturday March 21 at Spike’s house
  • Due to the COVID-19 we are holding off on other 2nd F HH and events outside of March 21 as we see how it all plays out.  Please note that if you feel you do not want to join the workouts due to COVID-19 that is 100% your call and we support all of our brothers.


Great job by all that braved the Saturday Fart Sack and made it out for our earlier Saturday workout.  The word that I have been using this year is Consistency.  It fits with the DRP challenge and I challenge all PAX to do your best to be consistent.  During this difficult time as a nation one thing that we can do to help ourselves is make sure that we stay in good physical condition and shape.  I’m happy that we have this group to help us get in shape and stay in shape.

We ask the Lord to protect us and watch over us as we go out into the weekend.  We pray for those that are affected to by COVID-19 and ask for their recovery.  Keep us safe in Jesus name we pray. Amen! AYE!