PAX: Golden Pinky, Platinum Pinky, Newton, Chernobyl, Mr. Texas, Red Ryder, DIY, Spike, Slides, Animal
Gloom Factor: 35°, Misting, Very windy
Early EC: 4 PAX rucked
Motivators @ 6 IC
Arm Stretches IC
10 x Tappy Taps IC
6 x Slow WMH IC
10 x Merkins IC
Lap around north parking lot
Mosey to gridiron
The Thang:
Usain Bolt + Baton (60lbs sandbag) – PAX split into two groups of 5; each on one end of the field. First person gave an exercise and ran the length of the field with the 60lbs sand bag to join the PAX at the other end. The PAX he left continued to do the exercise until another PAX from the other side ran back with the sandbag. This was looped through three times.
Lap around the track.
PAX on their 6 and spelled each person’s F3 name IC with using their legs. Someone forgot how to spell their name. Not calling anyone out, but his initials are Chernobyl
20 Burpees because DIY had time left over.

• Various movement at the top as PAX prepares for future growth and builds 43 feet out.
• Spike stepped up for Region 2 Q.
• Chernobyl moves from 3rdF Q into Region 1 Q.
• DIY takes over 3rdF Q and announces an upcoming what-what Q with details to come for date and time.

While each PAX ran with their baton (sandbag) between the groups, they were spurred by the knowledge that the longer they took, the longer their brothers would suffer. They served the rest of the PAX by pushing themselves harder and faster. This sums up my experience thus far with F3. I’m made better by knowing there are men who will be out in the gloom waiting on me to join. I push my self harder and faster to not let them down.

As men, we are called to be a pillar of fortitude that securely rests on the foundation of our SkyQ. Many people depend on us to continue pushing through the suck to ensure they have a chance to breathe. Whether it’s at our 9-5, our community or our M’s and 2.0’s, we must remember who is counting on us and use this as a fuel to continue to spur growth physically and spiritually.