Date: 11/01/19

QIC: Cable Guy

PAX: Cable Guy, Elmer Fudd, Link, Red Ryder, Newton, Golden Pinky, Platinum Pinky, Nemo, Chernobyl

Gloom Factor: Dark, clear, and FREEZING. 30ºF

EC: NATX Ruck Club members (Red Ryder, Golden Pinky, Newton, Platinum Pinky) braved the freezing cold for some EC rucking



After the EC Ruck, Red Ryder had to take off to get those Disney Fast Passes but as several members of the PAX rolled in a few minutes late after the surprise task of having to scrape of some unwanted ice we got things going in the dark cold gloom.


10 Willie Mays Hays IC

10 Imperial Walkers IC

10 Hillbillies IC

10 Windmills IC

10 Seal Claps IC

10 Overhead Claps IC

10 Count Leg Stretch

10 Count Back/Hip Stretch


The Thang (Dora AMRAP)

After a long week in the office YHC didn’t quite have the creative juices flowing so the PAX went through a modified Dora AMRAP routine. The PAX split into pairs and as 1 partner took a lap through the dark gloom behind the clubhouse, the other partner performed AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) of the following exercises until partner 1 returned from his lap. They would then switch.

  • Exercise 1 – Merkins AMRAP 
  • Exercise 2 – Squats AMRAP
  • Exercise 3 – LBC’s AMRAP

After a nice burning feeling in the lungs the PAX circled up for some Mary


Mary (Ab Ladder)

With the PAX circled up YHC led the PAX up and down his Ab Ladder:

10 Crunchy Frogs IC

15 American Hammer’s IC

20 Flutter Kicks IC

25 Dancing Penguins IC

30 Count Plank Hold

25 LBC’s OYO

20 Freddie Mercury’s IC

15 Mountain Climber’s IC

10 Plank Jacks IC


  • Our next NATX Happy Hour will be taking place next Wednesday (11/6) at 8:00pm over at Red Horn Coffee & Brew House. Come out for some great beer/coffee and fellowship!
  • Stay tuned for future announcements about the next wave of F3 NATX gear that will be put up for sale. Once released, we will have (I believe) 2 weeks to get a MOQ of 12 in order for the orders to be placed. More info to come as things get going.
  • If you are in any type of leadership role (Site Q, Weasel Shaker, 2nd F Q, 3rd F Q, etc) our next meeting will be this coming Tuesday from 6:00-7:00am at Starbucks on Lakeline/Crystal Falls.
  • Go sign up for the GORUCK Tough here in Austin in January of 2021! NATX members already make up 10% of the max occupancy!


Awesome job by the guys who climbed their way out of the fart sack and into the cold this morning! Yet another example of living out the F3 core principles. I am going to challenge someone else within the PAX to sign up for next weeks post at the Big House so if it’s your VQ or 100th Q sign up and bring on the beatdown!