Date: 10/30/19

QIC: Golden Pinky

PAX: Elmer Fudd, Nemo, Newton, Platinum Pinky

Gloom Factor: Rainy, Windy, 43ºF

Part I – Administrative Portion (0345 – 0445)

Newton and YHC arrived early for Extra Extra Credit. As YHC promised the PAX leading up to our Halloween Ruck Spook-tacular, the earlier you showed up the easier the work would be. So, to kick off the easiest part of today’s beatdown, 2 PAX rucked up and down Lakeline for 1 hour / 3.5 miles (3 miles rounding down).

Part II – Welcome Party (0445 – 0530)

Nemo and Platinum Pinky arrived for Extra Credit, as did the wind and the rain. Each PAX grabbed a ruck and headed straight for Gann Park. Upon arriving at Gann Park, YHC pulled out the F3 Dexicon for some Cadre/Q Baseball – time for the Welcome Party. Rules were simple:

  • Suit determined your “hit”
    • Hearts = Single
    • Spades = Double
    • Clubs = Triple
    • Diamonds = Home Run
  • Card value determined your reps
    • 2 thru 10 = add 10 (2 = 12, 10 = 20)
    • Face Card = 25
    • Ace = 100
    • Joker = Home Run & 100

The exercises performed were as follows:

  • Squats (suitcase carry ruck to each base)
  • Thrusters (suitcase carry ruck to each base)
  • Russian Twist (overhead carry ruck to each base)
  • Curls (bear crawl w/ ruck to each base)

Part III – Good Livin’ (0530 – 0615)

Elmer Fudd arrived for the Main Event and some Good Livin’. YHC kicked things off with a F3 Core Principles Pop Quiz – each Core Principle missed would result in the PAX performing 20 burpees. The PAX correctly named 4 Core Principles.

The PAX grabbed their rucks and carried them up to the track. Upon dropping our rucks, YHC reminded the PAX that all F3 workouts end with a Circle of Trust and the PAX then performed 20 burpees.

After burpees, YHC told the PAX that it pays to be the winner and to get 1st or 2nd place on our run. The PAX ran 2 laps around the track.

Up next, AMRAP Merkins for 1 minute. The winners of the run performed Merkins with bodyweight, the rest of the PAX performed Merkins with a ruck on their back.

2 more laps around the track. The winners of the run performed regular Flutter Kicks, the rest of the PAX performed Flutter Kicks while holding a ruck overhead.

The PAX then lined up on the football field sideline and performed Bears & Blocks – PAX Bear Crawled the width of the field while pulling their coupon (ruck/sandbag) on the ground underneath them. After Bears & Blocks, the PAX ran 1 more lap.

Good Livin’ finished up with Nemo and Elmer Fudd Bear Crawling / Crab Walking the width of the field and back. YHC and Platinum Pinky performed LBCs while waiting for Nemo and Fudd.


  • Q-Source tomorrow (Thursdays 0600 – 0700) at Starbucks on Lakeline & Crystal Falls Pkwy. The topic this week is M (Q1.5).


Today was not an easy day to roll out of the fartsack and put in work, but I commend each of the PAX that made the decision to do just that. F3 is all about making leaders out of the men that participate in the workouts and it starts by making the decision to embrace the suck and the uncomfortable. I encourage each PAX both present and absent from today’s festivities to step up, sign up to Q a workout, and continue to work on being a leader. It pays to be a winner and it certainly pays to be a leader. Happy Halloween!