Date: 11/16/19

QIC: Chernobyl

PAX: Gemini, Golden Pinky, Platinum Pinky, Chernobyl

Gloom Factor: Clear and Cold. 35ºF

EC: None for the day



Motivator- 7,6,5,4,3,2,1

10 Seal Claps IC

10 Overhead Claps IC

10 Imperial Walkers IC

10 Windmills IC

10 Willie Mays Hays IC

10 Count Leg Stretch

10 count Quad Stretch

10 Count Hamstring/Leg Stretch

Lap Around Parking lot


The Thang #1 (GOALLLLLL!)

YHC wanted to utilize the Soccer Fields at Robin’s Hood so we decided to bring some Soccer to the workout.  We moved over to the far soccer field where we would start our workout.  YHC brought a soccer ball for the workout.  The workout would work around each corner of the soccer field.  We started at 1 corner and did a set (laid out below), then each PAX took turns dribbling the ball to the next corner while the other PAX ran to the next corner where the same workout was completed at that corner.  We did this around all corners till back to the starting point.  Then on each Round a PAX had to line up a Soccer Shot from about 20 yards away.  If they made the shot the round was over.  If they missed the shot all of the PAX had to do another set.  

Round 1

  • Chernobyl in charge of the Soccer Ball
  • 10 Burpees at each corner
  • Made the Goal at the end so round was over
  • 40 total burpees performed

Round 2

  • Golden Pinky in charge of the Soccer Ball
  • 20 LBC’s at each corner
  • Missed the Goal at the end so we performed 20 more LBC’s
  • 100 total LBC’s performed

Round 3

  • Gemini in charge of the Soccer Ball
  • 30 Merkins at each corner
  • Made the goal at the end so the round was over
  • Total 120 Merkins

Round 4

  • Platinum Pinky in charge of the Soccer Ball
  • 40 Squats at each corner
  • Missed the Goal at the end so we performed 40 more squats
  • 200 total Squats performed

Round 4

  • No ball for this round as the PAX all sprinted from corner to corner
  • 50 Mountain climbers at each corner
  • Platinum Pinky made the goal so the round was over
  • 200 total Mountain Climbers performed


The Thang #2 (GOALLLLLL!)

The PAX gathered around one of the soccer goals.  Each PAX would take a round of dribbling the ball from one goal to the other goal (about 30 yards apart) and had to make a goal, come back to the original goal, and make that goal and repeat till they made a total of 4 goals.  While the PAX was making goals the other PAX had to perform a workout given by the PAX for the duration that it took the PAX to score 4 goals.

Round 1 (Chernobyl)

  • Crunchy Frogs

Round 2 (Gemini)

  • Plank Shoulder taps

Round 3 (Platinum Pinky)

  • WW1’s

Round 4 (Golden Pinky)

  • Lindsay Von’s



10 American Hammers IC

15 Flutter Kicks IC

10 Box Cutters IC

15 Freddy Mercury’s IC

15 Side Raises (each side performed)

10 Crunchy Frog IC



  • The First 3rd event will be the Wednesday before Thanksgiving around 5 pm at the Third Base off 183 and Anderson Mill.   Chernobyl has posted on the 3rd F slack page more information about signing up.  Please reply back to the post if you have signed up.
  • Cable Guy is looking at doing a downtown Austin Ruck for the New Years.  Plan to do it on a Saturday and would be about a 10-12 mile Ruck. More details to come on date and time.
  • We have set the date for August 2020 to have more AO’s and multiple AO’s on each day.   Let’s continue to recruit more PAX!


For the month of November, want to give thanks for this group and the opportunity for us to get together and Make ourselves better in fitness, our families, and our communities.