Extra Credit: 2 PAX rucked some new roads and some old roads in Travisso and racked up 4 miles. QICs: Slides, WikiLeaks PAX: Globetrotter, Golden Pinky, Newton, Red Ryder GLOOM FACTOR: Slightly Windy, 61ºF WARMARAMA 10 Neck Circles IC 10 Reverse Neck Circles IC 10 Arm Circles (Make ’em Big) IC 10 Reverse Arm Circles (Make ’em Big) IC 25 SSH IC 10 Calf Stretches SC The THANG Friendly F3 relay race (break into teams of 3, losers do 20 burpees): –Partner 1 sprints 2 parking lot laps (~80 yards) –Partner 2 holds plank while waiting for P1 to finish sprint –Partner 3 performs sit-ups –Rotate until all 3 partners perform the sprint –2 sets Fist Full of Dollars –5 Merkins –5 Burpees –5 Diamond Merkins –5 Squats –5 Wide-Armed Merkins –2 sets Shuttle Bust –Shuttle sprints every 10 yards out to 40 yards –Finish with 5 Merkins, 5 Squats MARY 20 Side Crunches Left & Right 40 Flutter Kicks 40 WWIIs 15s Side Planks Left & Right 20 Bent Canoes Stretches – Hammys, Quads, Calves COT/BOM Prayer of thankfulness for God’s grace and allowing us to push our bodies physically. Prayers for grace to walk worthy of the calling. Requests for mercy as we seek to be awesome husbands and fathers. Thankfulness to be with other men to push each other. Prayer for a relaxing weekend and a worshipful Sunday. Announcements
  • The official launch of our Saturday AO – Robin’s Hood – has been pushed to next Saturday, April 6. Make plans to come out, bring a friend or two, and celebrate the launch of NATX’s
  • April NATX Challenge is almost here: April Headlocks Bring Friendly New Guys
  • The NATX Murph will take place on Memorial Day (May 27)… 59 days away!