Date: 12/11/19

QIC: Red Ryder

PAX: El Oso, Bodett, Mr. Texas, Nemo, Red Ryder, Elmer Fudd, Platinum Pinky, Newton, Golden Pinky

FNG: Hooker

Gloom Factor: Clear, 34ºF 


Ruck: Newton & Golden Pinky

Run Club: Mr. Texas & Red Ryder


25 x SSH IC

10 x Windmills IC

10 x Tappy Taps IC

10 x Willie Mays Hayes IC

10 x Slow Merkins IC

10 x Spider-Mans

The Thang

The PAX moseyed to the track for the main event.

YHC picked the 100m near side of the track to run some exercises as follows:

50m Broad Jumps

20 Merkins

50m Bear Crawl

10 Burpees

Turn around

50m All-Out Sprint

25 Squats

50m Side Shuffles


Next, we moseyed to the benches for the next series of exercises:

4 Stations:

  1. 25 x Box Jumps
  2. 25 x Derkins
  3. 25 x Dips
  4. 25 sec x Balls to the wall

1 round, next round:

  1. 25 x Step-ups
  2. 25 x Irkins
  3. 25 x LBC
  4. 25 sec x People’s Chair

To make sure we were staying warm, YHC led a trip around the school performing the Ricky Bobby.


It’s always good to see what workouts the other regions are doing, so YHC opened the circle up for Mary exercises, starting with the F3 Fort Worth and F3 Flower Mound guys. 

El Oso- 15 x Penguins

Mr. Texas- 15 x WW1

FNG Hooker- 15 x Leg Raises

Elmer Fudd- 15 x Boxcutters

Bodett- 15 x Flutter Kicks

Nemo- 20 x Freddie Mercury’s

Platinum Pinky- 20 x LBC

Golden Pinky- Ring of Fire, 4 Merkins


  • Thank you F3 Fort Worth and F3 Flower Mound PAX for joining us today. It was fun and hope to see you guys in the future.
  • Details of the New Year’s Ruck are posted. January 25th is the date.
  • It looks like DREDD will be in town December 18th at The Greyhound. Let’s all get out to welcome him to F3 NATX


Thanked the higher power for the ability to come out and participate in the workout today. Great weather, great fellowship and many blessings to give thanks for.