Extra Credit: Murph Challenge training – quick lap, 100 pull-ups, 200 merkins, 300 squats. QIC(s): Golden Pinky, Cable Guy, Newton GLOOM FACTOR: Colder than normal for mid-March, 44ºF WARMARAMA (Q – Golden Pinky) Fellowship Lap 25 SSH IC 10 WMH IC 10 LBAC IC 10 RLBAC IC 10 Imperial Walkers IC 10-Count Arm Stretches 10-Count Leg Stretches The THANG (Q – Cable Guy) Mosey to soccer fields. Bernie Sanders to mid-point of field, turn and Sprint to the other side. (x2) Lunge Walk to mid-point of field, turn and backwards Lunge Walk to the other side. (x2) Open Gate Walk backwards to soccer goal. Side Shuffles from one goal to the other, side shuffle back to first goal. Calf/Shin stretch (to recover from EC Ruck from Friday). (Q – Golden Pinky) Jacob’s Ladder / 11’s Combo Sprint up the hill, 10 Burpees, Sprint down the hill, 1 WWII Repeato (decrease by 1 Burpee/increase by 1 WWII) until PAX hits 1 Burpee and 10 WWIIs (Q – Newton) 5 Wide-Arm Merkins IC 10 Diamond Merkins IC 5 Absolution IC 5-1 Motivators MARY YHC’s memory is a little fuzzy, but there were definitely Flutter Kicks, Crunchy Frogs, and In & Outs involved… COT/BOM Newton closed the workout with a prayer for safe travels for those traveling and a great weekend for all NATX PAX. Until we see each other in the gloom again soon! Announcements
  • NATX shirts are on sale now until March 27! Get yours at F3.mudgear.com.
  • Coming soon… April Headlocks Bring Friendly New Guys
  • The NATX Murph will take place on Memorial Day (May 27)… 72 days away!