Extra Credit: 2 PAX for Murph Prep – powered through our full 45 mins…had to double-time back to the AO to stay on time. QIC: Red Ryder PAX: Link, Golden Pinky, Newton, Red Ryder GLOOM FACTOR: Clear, 53ºF WARMARAMA 20 SSH IC 10 Willie Mays Hayes 20 SSH IC 20 Hillbillies IC The THANG Mosey to pick up coupons (pick 10’s or 25’s) Lap with weights 20 merkins IC Lap with weights 30 squats w weights Lap with weights 20 Biceps curls w weights Lap with weights Repeat the above circuit Bone the Fish (5x) 10 Merkins (left side of lot) 5 Burpees (right side of lot) MARY 15 crunchy frogs 15 Flutter Kicks Plank center 5 count, right arm up 5 count, left arm up 5 count and repeat COT/BOM Super solid Q from the Red Ryder had each of us digging deep. It was fun to hear the mubblechatter decrease as we dug into the weights. Everyone was pushing hard. I think we are all feeling this one today. Nice job Red Ryder. Announcements The NATX Murph will take place on Memorial Day (May 27) at 0430 @ the Robin’s Hood AO… in 14 days. We want to encourage all PAX to post even if you haven’t been prepping. We will be there to spot and assist for this worthwhile remembrance event. Keep EH’ing and we look forward to seeing our other regulars return to the gloom. We are missing you guys.