Date: 2/21/20

QIC: Animal

PAX: Chernobyl, Platinum Pinky, Spike, Red Ryder, Newton

Gloom Factor: Clear, 33ºF



Lap around the parking lot
10 WWI
15 Merkins
20 Squats
10 High Knees (IC)
30 second Plank
10 Burpees OYO
10 Mountain Climbers (IC)
15 Flutter Kicks

The Thang

8 sets of “trips with the twins”
One partner carries two cinder blocks (“the twins”) up the hill and then “drives them back” (carries the tire down the hill).
Meanwhile, the other partner(s) do an exercise until all teams return.

Set/Trip 1 – Chick Fil A – WWI…wake and bake, baby!
Set/Trip 2 – Church – Merkins…gotta push to get to church on time
Set/Trip 3 – Lunch – Squats…getting up and down chasing them around, constant squats
Set/Trip 4 – Grocery Store – High Knees…feels like a constant hustle to get groceries
Set/Trip 5 – Gas Station – Plank…the waiting is painful when kids are upset
Set/Trip 6 – Target – Burpees…going to Target every day makes me want to throw up
Set/Trip 7 – Dinner – Mountain Climbers…uphill climb, almost there
Set/Trip 8 – Liquor Store – Flutters…treat yo self at the end of the day (joke)


“Put the twins to bed”
All men sit in a circle with their backs to the middle of the circle and close enough to pass a twin (cinder block) to one another. “Rock the twin to sleep” by passing the cinder block around the circle 10 times each way (clock-wise and counter-clockwise).


When the twins were growing up, 0-8 months were brutal. It was a constant cry-fest. One of the few things that calmed them down was singing this song, “It’s All About Him” by Alan Jackson. The chorus says, “It’s all about Him, and the love that He gives, redemption and hope for all who have sinned. You can walk all alone, never find your way home, till you see deep within, it’s all about Him.” There was a deep truth that spoke to me in the midst of that season that it wasn’t all up to me to get it all right. As a parent, as a man, as a friend, as an employee, as a husband, I screw up in so many ways and am completely imperfect. Sometimes regret or fear of how my shortcomings might impact my kids was difficult to stomach. But this song taught me that it’s not all about me. That He’s giving redemption and hope for all of my sins (mistakes/failures). That my effort + His grace always = 100%…He is always sufficient…for me, for my kids, for my wife, for my friends, for my company, for everything in my kingdom and domain. The story isn’t about my effort, it’s about His constant rescue, His reliability to come through, His redemption. And so I can rest in the hope that my kids are going to be okay, even though I’m an imperfect dad, because they have Him as their Father too.


  • Feb 26:  7:30pm Free Burma Rangers movie @ Animal’s – see natx-comz on Slack for the details.
  • Feb 28: F3 NATX Night Ruck. Start time @ midnight, target miles: 12+
  • March 2: Sasquatch Convergence with our brothers of F3 Austin.
  • March 21: Habitat for Humanity 3rd F opportunity in Taylor, TX.  Slack for deets soon.


Run – Red Ryder
Ruck – Platinum Pinky, Newton