QIC: Newton PAX: Globetrotter, Link GLOOM FACTOR: Humid, Overcast, 77ºF WARMARAMA 26 Imperial Storm Troopers 26 arm circles forward 26 arm circles reverse 26 seal claps 26 overhead claps 26 Bean Pickers Toe Touches, center, L and R (26 count x3) Calf Stretches (26 count x2) THE THANG Take a big lap around the clubhouse 26 WWIIs 26 Freddie Mercurys Lap around the Lot Mosey to the Wall 26 count Balls to the Wall PAX Plank: Pax line up in high plank, shoulder to shoulder One pax performs 2 patty-cake merkins and moves down the line until all pax have completed the exercise twice. Big Lap around the clubhouse 10 Wide Arm Merkins 10 Diamond Merkins 6 Slow Merkins MARY: 26 Flutter Kicks 26 LBCs IC 26 Side Plank x2 26 Box Cutters COT/BOM: Oh man…that was a good one. Thanks to Cable Guy for the inspiration and a big shout out to him on his BDay. It was great to see GlobeTrotter return to the ranks after a monster travel schedule that put him downrange for some time. He was right there with us like he hadn’t missed a beat. Good work. Link was on point too and made we were able to get some FMs in the mix. The shoulders were strengthened today for sure. Announcements The Murph will start at 0700 sharp this Monday at Robin Bledsoe Park. This will be our Main Event next Monday—there will not be a workout at #mettleofhonor. Everyone is welcome to participate and vests are optional! Cable Guy has graciously ordered some special NATX Murph koozies to commemorate this amazing event! I hear there will also be some hot coffee and cold beverages after the event for a special F3 Memorial Day Coffeeteria