Date: 11/6/19

QIC: Red Ryder

PAX: Chernobyl, Red Ryder, Mr. Texas, Elmer Fudd, Nemo, Newton, Golden Pinky

Gloom Factor: Overcast, 68ºF

EC: Ruck members (3) today. Newton caught up to Red Ryder and Golden Pinky to finish out the ruck.



10 Imperial Walkers IC

10 Count Arm Stretch

15 Squat Jumps SC

10 Seal Claps SC

10 Hillbillies IC

Fellowship lap around the parking lot to the truck.

The Thang

This month at the Greyhound is celebrating the month of the Turkey. During the month, the PAX will be earning Turkeys. Whoever has the most turkeys at the end of the month will be the winner. When PAX show up to a workout at The Greyhound, they earn a turkey. Whoever wins the weekly contest, earns and extra turkey. *The Prize*: The winner will earn an official F3 sweatshirt!

We began the workout with the competition since Newton had to jet to work early.


Block Hills- PAX run to the top of the hill carrying their cinder block, run back down, then perform 5 burpees. Rinse and repeat decreasing the number of burpees until finishing with 1.

All were strong on the first run, but Chernobyl took off and finished a full leg ahead of the competition. Congratulations to Chernobyl for earning the extra Turkey on our first day!

All moseyed and circled up in the parking lot. To hunt a turkey, you need guns, so we had to work those arms.

Colt 45: 15 reps block curling from bottom to middle, 15 reps block curling from middle to top, 15 reps block curling from bottom to top. Rinse and repeat for 3 rounds.

20 x Block Tricep Press, 3 Rounds

20 x Block Bench Press

15 x Block Bench Press IC SLOW

Mosey to the football field.

Bears & Blocks 50 yards. There was some mumble chatter from the PAX since this was part of the Halloween Ruck Spooktacular last week…but we pressed on to repeat it in this great weather compared to that mess.

To get back to the goal line, we performed a run 10 yards, then dropped for 10 Merkins until reaching the end.


No mary today.


  • 2nd F Happy Hour is tonight at Red Horn Brewery at 8pm. Everyone is looking forward to enjoying the company and beverages.
  • After yesterday’s leadership meeting, we are planning to explore potential expansion AOs in the very near future. In the next few weeks, we will be going for a dry run in the area. More to come.


The month of November is about giving thanks for all of the positive in our lives, from family, careers, F3 fellowship and more. It is a good time to reflect on this along with helping those less fortunate in any way possible, from little things to the 3rd F opportunities that are coming up. Let’s keep that in mind in November and live the principals in our day to day lives.