Date: 11/04/19

QIC: Photo Op

PAX: Cable Guy, Photo Op, Link, Red Ryder, Golden Pinky, Nemo

Gloom Factor: Dark, clear, and cool. 51ºF

EC: NATX Run Club member (Red Ryder) took a solo run through the gloom this morning




10 Imperial Walkers IC

10 Overhead Claps IC

10 Count calf Stretch

10 Arm Circles IC

10 Reverse Arm Circles IC


The Thang

Photo Op led the PAX on a mosey through the gloom along the trail with an endex at the park entrance where the fun would begin.

Using the park entrance as the start point and with an apparent lower body burn on his mind Photo Op led the PAX through the following routine:

  • Lunges to the 1st light pole
    • Bernie Sanders back to the start
  • Bear Crawl to the 2nd light pole
    • Bernie Sanders back to the start
  • Sprint to the 3rd light pole
    • Bernie Sanders back to the start
  • Sprint to the 4th light pole, partner up and wheel barrow to the 5th light pole
    • Bernie Sanders back to the start
  • Sprint to the 6th light pole.
    • from the 6th light pole, at every other sidewalk crack 5 merkins until the sidewalk ended
    • Bernie sanders back to the 4th pole and then sprint to the start

The PAX then mosied back to the Shovel Flag for some Mary.



25 sit ups w/ partner standing on your feet OYO

20 Flutter Kicks IC

20 LBC’s IC

10 Box Cutters IC


  • Our next NATX Happy Hour will be taking place this Wednesday (11/6) at 8:00pm over at Red Horn Coffee & Brew House. Come out for some great beer/coffee and fellowship!
  • Stay tuned for future announcements about the next wave of F3 NATX gear that will be put up for sale. Once released, we will have (I believe) 2 weeks to get a MOQ of 12 in order for the orders to be placed. More info to come as things get going.
  • If you are in any type of leadership role (Site Q, Weasel Shaker, 2nd F Q, 3rd F Q, etc) our next meeting will be this Tomorrow from 6:00-7:00am at Starbucks on Lakeline/Crystal Falls.
  • Go sign up for the GORUCK Tough here in Austin in January of 2021! NATX members already make up 10% of the max occupancy!
  • Red Ryder and Nemo will be leading the PAX through a month of competition at The GreyHound for the month of November where PAX members have the opportunity to earn “Turkey’s” each post with the member accumulating the most “Turkey’s” at months end will be awarded an official F3 Sweatshirt!


Awesome Q this morning from Photo Op and great work by the PAX getting their week started off right and taking that momentum into the week with stronger bodies and minds!



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