Date: 2/7/20

QIC: Newton

PAX: Cable Guy, Chernobyl, Elmer Fudd, Slides, Golden Pinky, DIY, Platinum Pinky, Spike, IMDbU

Gloom Factor: Full Moon, 35ºF

10 PAX showed up at The Big House and didn’t even notice the weather. Here’s what we did:


  • Warm up Lap
  • Newton Birthday Merkins 52 (get them out of the way while we are fresh)
  • SSH x25
  • Squats x15
  • Tappy Taps x15
  • LB Arm Circles x10 (forward and reverse)
  • Overhead claps x15
  • Imperial Walker x15
  • Merkins IC x10
  • Lap around lot
  • Overhead Arm Clap x10
  • Seal Clap x10
  • Flaps down x10
  • Overhead Arm Clap x10
  • Take a lap
  • Motivators x 7

The Main Thang

The PAX moseyed to the path behind the clubhouse to the first bench

  • took turns on bench till all PAX did 20 Dips (those not dipping…held plank)
  • ran to next bench for 20 Derkins
  • ran back to first bench for 20 Dips
  • ran to next bench for 20 Irkins
  • back to first bench for 20 Dips
  • mosey back to starting area by flag
  • Burpees x10
  • Flutter kicks x20 IC
  • LBC x15 IC
  • Flutter kicks x20 IC
  • Monkey Crunch x15


All PAX picked a 10 count exercise:

    1. Crunchy Frogs
    2. Freddy Mercury’s
    3. Side Planks
    4. LBCs
    5. WWIs
    6. Burpees
    7. Mountain Climbers
    8. Lindsey Vonns
    9. Back Fats


  • Feb 19: 2ndF HDHH coming up Wed.  8pm @ Robin’s Hood – More Details on Slack
  • The Daily Red Pill Challenge continues to roll as enter month 2.  You can always continue your pull-ups as we quickly approach our Memorial Day Murph.
  • Feb 29: F3 NATX Night Ruck. Start time @ midnight, target miles: 12+
  • March 2: Sasquatch Convergence with our brothers of F3 Austin.
  • March 21: Habitat for Humanity 3rd F opportunity in Taylor, TX.  Slack for deets soon.


Thanks men for a great year of accountability and outstanding workouts.  I’ve said it before…these are things that we would never do by ourselves.  Let’s keep pushing ourselves in the new year.  Preparing our bodies for the unexpected and the unknown so that we can make a high impact on others as we aim to serve them.  Aye!


  • Pre-ME: 2 PAX rucked for 2 miles
  • Post-ME: 4 PAX rucked for 2 miles

DRP Challenge Tracker

  • All PAX – 102 Merkins completed
  • All PAX – 60 Dips completed
  • All PAX – 40 Flutter Kicks completed
  • All PAX – 20 Burpees performed
  • Cable Guy, Newton  – 2 Ruck miles completed
  • Platinum Pinky, Golden Pinky – 4 Ruck miles completed
  • Newton – Q at 2 of 6 F3 Workouts

Let me know if I missed anything/corrections.  Thx!