Date: 11/11/2019

QIC: Photo Op

PAX: Newton, Red Ryder, Gemini, Photo Op

Gloom Factor: Dark, clear, and cool. 50ºF


10 Hill Billys IC
10 Imperial Walkers IC
10 Overhead Claps IC
10 Count calf Stretch
10 Arm Circles IC
10 Reverse Arm Circles IC
10 Willy-Mays-Hays-IC

The Thang

Photo Op led the PAX on a mosey through the gloom to the amphitheatre
Using the Amphitheatre we started out by doing 10 box jump x 3 different steps
Next we did 20 seconds per PAX at peoples chair
Followed by Motivator x 5-4-3-2-1
Next peoples chair x 30 seconds per PAX
Mosy to hill and stairs
Race up hill plus 10 merkins per platform
40 x dips
25 downhill situps
40 downhill hammers
Race up hill and back down hill plus 5 merkins per platform
Bear Crawl Down Hill
LBCs, jump squats, slow merkins
Crawl Bear Back Up Hill
Bear crawl down steps plus merkin every other step


Flutter kicks
Feet to the skies
Stretch outs
American Hammers


Red Ryder and Nemo will be leading the PAX through a month of competition at The GreyHound for the month of November where PAX members have the opportunity to earn “Turkey’s” each post with the member accumulating the most “Turkey’s” at months end will be awarded an official F3 Sweatshirt!
Thanks to All Veterans!!


Prayer and thanks!!