Extra Credit: 1 PAX rucked a 4 miler QIC: Red Ryder, Link, Wikileaks, Newton GLOOM FACTOR: Clear, 77ºF WARMARAMA Red Ryder led our warm-up. 30 SSH 5-1 Motivators 10 Willie Mays Hayes 10 arm circles forward (5 little, 5 big) 10 arm circles reverse (5 little, 5 big) Toe Touches, center, L and R THE THANG After our warm-up each PAX was responsible choosing the exercises for our workout….here is what happened… Mosey to track for 4 corners: Corner 1 : 20 Merkins Sprint to corner 2 Corner 2 : 20 squats Mosey to Corner 3 Corner 3: 20 Freddie Mercurys Sprint to Corner 4 Corner 4 : 20 wide arm Merkins Repeato Mosey to benches  for Circuit: 2X Bench 1: 20 Dips Bench 2: 20 step ups Balls to the wall: 20 count Bench 3: 20 Derkins Repeato Merkin circuit: Pax line up in high plank, shoulder to shoulder One pax perform a patty-cake merkin down the line until all pax have completed a single rep MARY: Butterfly stretch Flutter Kicks Hanging toe touches Calf stretches COT/BOM: Another outstanding shared Q by all. Wikileaks led the way and pushed us to finish strong. It turned out to be a great shoulder workout. Announcements The Murph will start at 0700 sharp this Monday at Robin Bledsoe Park. This will be our Main Event next Monday—there will not be a workout at #mettleofhonor. Everyone is welcome to participate and vests are optional! Cable Guy has graciously ordered some special NATX Murph koozies to commemorate this amazing event! I hear there will also be some hot coffee and cold beverages after the event for a special F3 Memorial Day Coffeeteria