Date: 1/10/20

QIC: Slides

PAX: Cable Guy, Chernobyl, Durango (FNG), Elmer Fudd, Golden Pinky, Lil’ Tex, Mr. Texas, Nemo, Newton, Photo Op, Platinum Pinky, Red Ryder, Shin Guard, Spike

Gloom Factor: Springtime-like, 68ºF


  • 25 SSH IC
  • 10 Arm Circles IC
  • 10 WMH IC
  • 10 sec. Toe Touches
  • 10 sec. Calf Stretch
  • 10 Cherry Pickers IC
  • 30 Merkins SC

The Thang

The PAX moseyed to the tennis courts for suicides.

  • 1st Round: Suicides across 1 court – line up on the doubles sideline, tap the first singles sideline, then the center mark, then the opposite singles sideline, and finishing up with the opposite doubles sideline.
  • 2nd Round: Suicides across 2 courts – same as before, but keep going past the opposite doubles sideline for double the fun and double the pain.

Buddy Up!

  • 20 Commie Squat Merkins (10 each leg) – buddy does lunges until done
  • 10 Lindsay Vonn Burpees (LVBs) – buddy does squats until done (x2 rounds)
  • 10 Leg Launchers per buddy
  • 40 Total Buddy Merkins – alternate so each buddy does 20 Merkins

The PAX finished The Thang with a Ricky Bobby up Heartattack Hill (bottom of Sandorna Vw. to the top of the hill/shovel flag)


  • Freddie Mercuries
  • WWIs
  • Side Planks – 30 sec. each side


  • 2nd F Happy Hour next Wednesday, January 15 at 8pm at Red Horn Coffee House & Brewing Co.
  • 2020 New Year’s Ruck is on Saturday, January 25
  • If you’re looking for new ways to dig deep into F3 NATX, come check out Q Source! We meet every Thursday morning at 6am at Starbucks on Lakeline & Crystal Falls to discuss leadership and how to be a better man in your family and in your community.
  • The Daily Red Pill Challenge is going strong!


Lead with integrity in every way in every part of your lives!


  • Pre-ME: 8 PAX rucked for 2 miles
  • Post-ME: 3 PAX DRP’d some pull-ups & push-ups

DRP Challenge Tracker

  • All PAX – 70 Merkins completed
  • All PAX – 20 Burpees performed
  • Chernobyl, Shin Guard, Red Ryder, Mr. Texas, Lil’ Tex, Newton, Platinum Pinky, Golden Pinky – 2 Ruck miles completed
  • Shin Guard – Successfully EH 1 FNG
  • Slides – Q at 1 of 6 F3 Workouts